So my neighbor Mark and I recently went to a place down the street called Kohi Kan (Kohi=Coffee). The place was a Japanese chain and all you need to know about their quality is that they counted bitte... Read More
So of course visiting the shrine is the reason why we even went to Nikko in the first place, if it was just to see nature or drift race we could’ve waited for a warmer time. As we approached the... Read More
Back meaning retrospectively, not saying I’m planning on returning early. This will be my first music post! yay! So let’s flash back, in the middle of highschool, my brother Rich decided h... Read More
So there’s a lot to be done to make a full post on Nikko, and I’m just not up to doing that right now. So I threw together this video of the treacherous hairpin turns on Irohazaka road in ... Read More