Zao Fox Village is now world famous thanks to bloggers, and while it will probably soon have its own bus line and services, getting to Zao Kitsune Mura is quite difficult.

But if you make it you can see this guy

Or this comfy guy

Don't forget King James

By Taxi:
This is the easiest and yes I am including it, if you can go with two others (I think even 4 people can fit in a taxi legally) who want to go that will make it a bit easier. Almost every person I spoke to knew exactly what Zao Kitsune Mura was.

Is it click bait if I name this 'Japanese foxes make out'?

Foxes get a lot of time to think

Sometimes you can get to see a whiny fox

By bus:
This one’s tough, the bus only runs on Tuesday and Friday and only runs from Shiroishi Station, that’s the normal train JR station. I know someone online said that it goes to both, but I’d hope anyone reading would learn from my mistakes. The bus leaves Shiroishi Station at 7:56 and you’ll want to take it to Kawarago Dam 川原子ダム, one of the return busses leaves at 2:22 from Kawarago Dam. If you don’t want to be bothered sticking to that schedule and are going alone, there are a lot of people who want to split cabs going back from Zao Kitsune Mura, so that’s a cheaper way too.

Out of 800+ pictures, how many are wistful foxes?

Dude, this fox totally has nine tails, I wish I got a shot of it!

Direct Liner:
Starting this month, they have their own direct taxi bus that leaves Shiroishi Zao at 10:00 and Shiroishi Station at 10:10, the return trip is 12:30 which doesn’t give you much time. Anyway, like so much of what I want in Japan, it has to have a complicated system. You can sign up for the liner here but the taxi bus won’t leave with less than 5 people and the maximum is 8 people.

The benches aren't for you silly people

I felt bad for not including this fox posing for me.

Taxi to/from JR Shiroishi Station: ~¥3680
Taxi to/from Shiroishi Zao Shinkansen Station: ~¥4160
Direct Liner: ¥2000
Bus: ¥200, according to rumors

Shiroishi Taxi Phone Number: (0224) 26-2154

Fox Village Phone Number (Japanese required I’d say): (0244) 24-8812

Fox Village Email: zao-fox (at)

I had an amazing time staying in the nearby city of Sendai at Guest House Umebachi and recommend them above all else in the area.

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