It’s been taking quite a while to get through the in depth looks at all of the wonderful cafes in Seoul that I was able to get to, so I decided to give an extra post outlining the best cafes in Busan. As it is right now Busan is a slightly different but comparably awesome coffee scene, so much so that it’s well worth a trip on any coffee lover’s tour of Asia. It seems to be common practice to have two types of blends in a Busan cafe, a dark roast and light roast blend. On top of that, most of these cafes also offer a Single Origin Espresso or a sort of Seasonal Blend. Here are the cafes in no particular order:

MOMOS Coffee

Remember my mention of Republic of Coffee before? This is apparently the place that the former owner of that shop went to work for. They’re a big name in Busan for good reason. A huge cafe with a lot of desserts and three different kinds of espresso. If you’re bringing a non-coffee geek along, this will probably be as rewarding for them as it is for you.

The entrance is a bit confusing, so I decided to put it up first.

Blackup Coffee

With two shops located pretty centrally in the city of Busan, various cold brew samples, packs, and adding a specialty drink to the Busan tradition of three types of espresso, Blackup Coffee is a place you have almost no excuse to miss. It’s also the first time I have EVER identified apple as a flavor note in my coffee, and I used to spend 3 days a week at the Stumptown Brew Bar (RIP).

The front of the Nampo location, they had samples.

In Earth Coffee

Another big name in the coffee scene, but a bit harder to get to. You will have to take a bus unless you have access to a car. This does mean that it’s located very close to a less touristy beach of Busan (though in the summer Busanites say they never go to the beach anyway), and one that seems particularly catered to surfing and surfing lessons. In earth has a wide selection of drip bags as well as cold brew from their beautiful Oji. Do I need to even say that they have three types of espresso?

There needs to be a "good picture of espresso" autofocus...

RBH Coffee

Located really close to In Earth Coffee, I’m not gonna say or research who was there first and hopefully that shouldn’t matter to you. If they are in direct competition, then RBH is definitely the wide-eyed scrappy resistance. The workers there are really easy to talk to and get along with, and the espresso is pretty central. They’re also a part of the school of three types of espresso with one being a seasonal blend, but let it be known that searching through images their seasonal blend made my heart jump the most.

My Instagram friend whipping up a damn good espresso.

FM Coffee House

Also located pretty centrally in the city of Busan, FM Coffee is another one that’s very easy to get to. A very solid espresso with a good deal of desserts an non-coffee drinks. It’s a very small cafe compared to the others, but can definitely roll with them in spite of that.

Don't let the lack of things to differentiate it fool you, FM Coffee is still great espresso

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