MOMOS has made quite the name for themselves more or less establishing themselves as the gold standard for coffee in Busan, even some cafes in Seoul go to them to be supplied with coffee apparently. It’s way too much of a speculation however if MOMOS created the trend in Busan of having three types of espresso, but they definitely partake in that trend. The grounds that they occupy is also huge, with a roastery and bakery on premises. If you want to know why Busan’s coffee scene is a bit different, you can probably see why when you go to MOMOS.



MOMOS is a bit far out, but probably not too bad for most people visiting Busan because it’s easily accessible by the subway, it’s just about 30 minutes from Busan station. It’s also close to Pusan National University, which means there are a lot of spots to hang not too far away. The sad part about this is that I was only able to try one of their types of espresso, and I went with an Ethiopia Single Origin. Yes, it’s true that it will probably change when you go there, but I do have good reasons for it. First, if I’m Spiderman, having a good Ethiopian Espresso was my radioactive spider bite. Second, Single Origin Espresso is hard to pull off, and according to some of my friends at the Stumptown Brew Bar (RIP) Ethiopian coffees are among the hardest. For most of the espresso world, something like Ethiopia would take up only about 5% of a blend whereas something like Brazil would take the bulk. It’s not perfect, but pulling off a good SOE shows more skill than a blend.



So this Single Origin Ethiopia had a medium to light body and was quite dusty. Not dusty in a dust sense, dusty like dusty chocolate, you could feel the powdery espresso beans that it came from. It was of course quite fruity but also a bit brown sugary as well. I know I’m not usually this concise, so please take it for the fact that it was well balanced.



Considering its hugeness, it also has a god amount of other drinks and pastries for your non-coffee friends. It also has a lot of seating, you could have several parties there (except don’t because I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate that). The grounds are pretty awesome too and well worth a look around, the roasters were even nice enough to let me (some scruffy white boy with a canon) into the roastery for a bit to take pictures.


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