Kobe made its image in the late 1800s as the first naval academy was opened in Hyogo (Kobe’s prefecture). From there the city grew reflective of its international roots and as such is well known in Japan for Beef, Bread, Sandwiches, and old style cafes. Coffee Stand Frank is a new style cafe, that brings that identity into the 21st century.


The actual name is apparently ‘Coffee Stand frank…’ And is written in white cursive on a stark back panel over a symbol similar to an infinity sign. But this isn’t all style over substance, rather a reflection of the area it’s located in as the inside of the cafe is an espresso machine surrounded on all sides by a counter and whole beans off in the corner. They apparently offer coffee classes, and hold other similar events. They even apparently just opened a second shop, Coffee LABO frank…, 5 minutes away.


At Coffee Stand Frank, spro is the way to go. It’s an espresso that starts off sweet with a good flavor of molasses and slight smokeyness. It feels creamy with a medium body. Towards the end there are more prevalent slight juice and pomegranate flavors.


While there are some other shops trying to make it in Kobe, Coffee Stand Frank was a standout choice that shouldn’t be missed if you’re in the Kansai area. You’ll be hard pressed to find other cafes that nail espresso like they do.


Check out Coffee Stand frank…’s owner on Instagram @mr.frank_kosuke

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