Hiroshima’s a great city but not exactly the one you would think of for coffee, so it was a delightful surprise to find Coffee Obscura, a Hiroshima based roaster, at a coffee festival in Shibuya. 

Yes, there are locations in Tokyo as well, but if you’re planning a trip to Hiroshima I’d consider waiting if only for the fact that you know you’ll have a great cafe in the city.

Despite the name and formal style, Obscura is quite experimental and in the heart of Japan’s third wave movement. The fact that their espresso when I went was a single origin Kenya is proof enough. The espresso had a medium body and was quite sweet and fruity. Somewhat surprisingly, there was no tartness and the fruity flavor notes were more in line with something crossed between peach and strawberry.

It’s a bit hard to find but quite centrally located. Being so close to the Atomic Bomb Dome it might give you the energy (and seratonin) needed for a long day at the Atomic Bomb Museum.

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