People really love Sapooro, and I think I’m starting to get it. Sapporo is a city where food and drink flourish, and where there’s that flourishing there’s usually good coffee. On my way to Sapporo through vigorous research (looking at instagram) I was able to find a third wave coffee shop in Sapporo: Baristart.


Baristart seems to be a one man operation run by the awesomely chill barista, Yuki, and uses beans from And Coffee Roasters in Kumamoto. Yuki was also able to give some information about a ramen spot that he likes as well as another third wave shop, both of which I’ll be writing about here.


At the time I went there were two blends on offer for espresso, and as you could imagine I made myself try both. The blends were labeled as all arabica and robusta blends, though the differences in flavor were more complex than that.


The sans-robusta blend had a heavy body with a slight citrus flavor note at the start. In the middle of the shot there was a good amount of brown sugary goodness and a bit of black tea flavor notes all around.


The robusta blend was a bit more heavy on the salted caramel flavor note. The body is obviously heavier and the main flavor I found was more of a bitter-sweet dark chocolate with some slight macadamia flavor notes as well.


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