Bukatsudo Cafe is probably the cafe that I’ve been to the most frequently in Japan and will have a pretty difficult time writing about. I already have WAY too much to say about the rest of Bukatsudo, which is a co-working and event space, so let’s try to focus on the cafe itself.


Bukatsudo uses beans from Switch Coffee and Hono Rosteria for the most part, they fearlessly switch up the espresso every few weeks or so but are always spot on. Those who have barista’d in the past are probably well aware that sometimes certain single origin espressos just will not produce the flavors that you want because it’s too hot, cold, humid, dry, or you didn’t shower it with enough encouragement. The fact that the baristas deal with this sort of thing all the time and make it work puts it in the top tier. There was even a time I was invited to taste test a barista who was working on a new bean for the espresso that he just couldn’t get the way he wanted, it’s real dedication.


As far as I know, there are three baristas and they’re all amazing people with their own charms and styles. The nature of the location means that at times you’ll get to have real conversations with them and sometimes drink or maybe even get the chance to play Famicon (NES) games with them, who knows.



Coffee classes are also available and alternate each week between a drip coffee class and a latte art class. The classes are on Tuesdays or Saturdays and max out at 4 people so you should book it online. Despite my best attempts there’s no rhyme or reason to which day will be more popular, and both have very skilled and very different baristas to teach you but picking at random shouldn’t leave you disappointed.


Besides espresso-based drinks, there is a nice mini selection of beer, it seems that coffee can be prepared in any of the cardinal methods (Aeropress, V60, Wave, Siphon, French Press, Chemex) and there’s almost always a cold brew available.



The location is a bit difficult to understand, even with a map. Bukatsudo is located in a separate part of B1 from the rest of Dockyard Garden, a kind of hip dining area in the Landmark Tower building. Most people will be coming from Sakuragicho into Landmark Tower which means you’ll need to go down to Dockyard Garden B2 via elevator, walk to the other side and go upstairs to Bukatsudo. The other option is to walk in from an entrance outside across from the Nippon Maru (an old sail ship) that literally says Bukatsudo. It may be hard to get to, but it’s the best game in town, and you’ll be glad you made the trip.

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