At Glitch Coffee, you get a Single Origin Ethiopia Espresso. That needs to be said before anything because it’s applaudable not only in courage but also in direction. It sends the message that I honestly think every cafe should send, we made you what we could make the best as best as we could. The nature of Single Origin Espresso means that the exact origin will likely change soon, if it hasn’t already, but what’s the point of Third Wave Coffee if it isn’t to try something new?

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Glitch Coffee is a cafe that’s popped off of my radar one too many times, possibly because the area of Jimbocho is not only one I never though to go to but also one I’ve never even passed via train. I guess that would mean that Glitch Coffee is therefore Jimbocho’s main draw. It’s a small cafe and roaster with really personable staff members and already has a pretty wide spread reputation. Even though I jest about the location, they’re the only cafe I’ve heard worth your time that’s anywhere near the Imperial Palace, just tucked into the northeast of it. With strong design and branding, and a crystal clear idea of what they’re trying to do.


I once had two barista friends of mine talking about a single origin espresso that they were making, one was trying to make it more balanced the other was trying to let the unique flavors shine through more. Depending on how you feel about this difference is what will make Glitch Coffee a place that you must go to or not. Glitch Coffee’s espresso is one of the few Ethiopia espressos I’ve ever had that was balanced. My friend told me the drip was as well. For those who aren’t into intense fruitiness, this could be a chance to have an Ethiopia that won’t overpower you, for those like my friend who love Ethiopia coffee specifically for the smack of fruitiness, you may leave a bit disappointed. Keep in mind that the barista’s conversation I mentioned was at a cafe where you had to go out of your way, into a back room, to get that Single Origin Espresso. At Glitch, the Single Origin is riding on the mast of the ship.


While I’m sure those who know me or have read these coffee posts before know my feelings on how balanced a Single Origin should be, variety is usually what I appreciate most, and Glitch offers enough of that. They even convinced me to get a chocolate bagel, two things I love separately but was always weary to put together.


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