About the blog

The original idea of this blog being a kind of hybrid of four different types of blogs never really panned out, it was always for the most part a blog about Japan, more specifically travel. The thought that people would be turned off by too many different varying posts also made it so that I’d never post anything else really. So I secretly resigned myself to this a while ago while keeping my old name, but now I decided it’s time to properly label the blog.

The idea of naming it “Not Just Another Gaijin” may seem like an arrogant statement, though a certain level of arrogance is needed for one to ask people to think their personal stories are clever or funny, but is meant more as a reflection of how I’ve felt my entire time here. To elaborate, my time here I’ve tried to the best of my abilities to get as immersed as possible in Japan despite my Japanese being at only a chatting level.  I hope this will better reflect the way that though I’m of course an outsider to the country, that is not a defining feature of my existence and I try to shirk the common ideas of what a foreigner thinks of Japan, and spend my time with people who don’t seem too invested in the common ideas of what Japan thinks of foreigners.

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